Gamatronic UPS – How much does one power outage cost you?

01 Aug
Gamatronic’s efficient, reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply solutions guarantee your peace of mind.
Our wide range of solutions is used in: data centers, health care institutes, IT centers, defense industries, telecom companies and various others.
Products include:
•  Modular UPS systems ranging from 10 kVA to 500 kVA
•  A wide range of Stand Alone UPS systems
•  Modular Power Systems for the Telecom market
•  Modular DC/AC inverter

•  Modular DC/DC converter
•  Control & Management solutions
•  Customized solutions
Customers’ benefits:
Modular scalable design, allowing for:
•  Reduced installation & maintenance costs
•  Future growth for minimal expense
•  Vertical & horizontal redundancy
•  Extra small density
•  Electrical savings due to substantial decrease of power consumption.